Knott Couplings

A change to the bolt spacing to 120mm on the KF13 coupling has just been introduced. It has affected the following trailer range:

P6/P8 w/c 13/04/2009
GD64, GD84SA & GD85SA w/c13/0/04/2009
BV84SA & BV85SA. w/c 13/04/2009

If a replacement coupling is required for an older model then please use the P00330 KFG20 coupling please see the KF20, KFG20 & KRV20 couplings section (this can be found on p50 of the Ifor Williams parts catalogue alternatively you can view the whole couplings section by clicking the link below.

View or download the Couplings and Trailer Support section of the Ifor Williams Parts Catalogue

Please note Ifor Williams parts are intended to be fitted by qualified fitters at an Ifor Williams dealership and as such do not always come with fitting instructions. We at Barlow Trailers cannot be held responsible for anyone purchasing these parts and fitting them themselves incorrectly.