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The Eventa horse trailer combines a new herringbone partition system in the horse area plus a living space for owners. There are 2 size variations, the Eventa M for 2 horses up to 16.2hh and the Eventa L for 2 horses up to 17hh or can fit 3 horses dependent upon their weights. The Eventa L also has a tri-axle version available. There are 2 different trim levels to choose from, a base version or a gold version.

Eventa Trailer Living Area:

The Eventa horse trailer has a base version that has no fittings in the living area allowing you to customise it yourself and also a gold pack . There are also lots of extras that can be added which can create a most luxurious horse trailer.

Once you have on board electrics added it opens up other lavish options for the living area of your trailer such as TV/DVD, heater, hot water, fridge electric flush toilet and much more. See the options chart within either the L or M trailer listing for further details

Eventa Trailer Horse Area:

The Eventa trailer uses the herringbone system for the horse partitions, a method used on lots of horsebox wagons. This helps to save wasted space between the rear doors and the last partition and they are easily movable to suit the weight distribution dependent upon your horse(s). The partitions come with clear PVC skirts. 

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