Motorhome Hire T&Cs

Barlow Trailers Ltd Business & Hire Terms for Motorhomes

We are Barlow Trailers Ltd, Southport Road, Ulnes Walton, Nr Leyland, Lancashire PR26 8LP and these terms shall apply to the hire of all motorhomes and all other services that are supplied to you.

1.0 Booking Procedure

All booking must be submitted online unless agreed by Barlow Trailers Ltd. The booking remains a request only until confirmation is received in writing and are subject to availability. Payment is required in full at the point of booking and would be refunded in full should Barlow Trailers Ltd be unable to fulfil the request.

2.0 Authorized drivers 

The hirer and any additional driver must be a minimum age of 25 years old and under 75 years of age. They must have held a full UK driving licence for a period of at least 3 years prior to the proposed date of commencement of hire.  We are unable to hire to persons who have been convicted of an offence in connection with the driving of a motor vehicle or motorcycle and/or have had their driving licence endorsed or suspended or more than 6 penalty points imposed.

Drivers must not have any mental or physical infirmity, unless such a condition has been declared and accepted by the DVLA not had any insurance declined, cancelled, renewal refused or special terms imposed, have had no more than one driving accident in the last 3 years. 

The price covers one named driver; additional drivers may be added at an additional charge of £10.00 per driver per day (subject to any endorsements)

Prior to the commencement of the hire the following documentation must be provided: -

  • Full UK driving licence
  • Utility Bill (dates within the last 60 days, same name as licence)Credit/ Debit card (Same name as licence)
  • Valid DVLA Check Code

You shall during the continuance of this hire contract:

  • Ensure that the vehicle is driven or otherwise operated and used in a safe and proper manner and for the purposes for which it was designed and without risk to health by persons.
  • Inform and indemnify us against all fines, penalties and liabilities payable by us by virtue of your hire and/or use of the motorhome or arising in respect of any non-compliance or contravention of any transport, traffic or other law or regulations, together with any costs or expenses relating thereto incurred by such use of the motorhome.
  • Not take or allow the motorhome to be taken out of England, Wales or Scotland.
  • Collect from and return the motorhome to our address at Barlow Trailers Ltd, Denizes Farm, Ulnes Walton, Leyland, PR26 8LP. 
  • Not sell, assign, mortgage, lend, let on hire or otherwise dispose of or part with possession of the horsebox or part thereof not attempt or purport to do so.
  • Not remove or interfere with any identification marks or plates affixed to the horsebox
  • Take all necessary steps at your own expense to retain and recover possession and control of the horsebox of which you lose possession or control.

3.0 Insurance

We shall insure and keep the motorhome insured under a fully comprehensive policy against loss or damage to its full replacement value (with an excess of £750.00, for the period of your hire). Loss or damage of less than the maximum excess of £750.00 is chargeable at the actual amount incurred unless the damage waiver option has been paid for, which is an additional chargeable option of £10.00 per day and must have been selected and paid for prior to collection of the vehicle. Only those persons named as drivers on rental agreement may drive the vehicle. 

4.0 Conditions

A £500 deposit will be held at collection for any damages to the vehicle. On return the vehicle will be assessed for damage, inventory check and cleanliness level, if the outcome is positive the deposit will be returned in full. 

  • Dogs are only allowed in the motorhome with prior agreement
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of the motorhome 
  • The motorhome must be kept adequately secured at all times
  • No furniture should be removed from the motorhome
  • An inventory check will be undertake before and after hire, any missing or damaged items are chargeable. 
  • A £100 fuel deposit will be held and returned at the end of the hire providing the vehicle is returned full of fuel, similarly gas cylinders will be required to be returned  full.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to empty the toilet, a £50.00 additional charge will be chargeable if returned unemptied.

5.0 Breakdown

In the unlikely event of a breakdown with the vehicle, the motorhome is covered in full with either AA emergency recovery service or Peugeot breakdown, the relevant contact numbers will be provided to the hirer at the point of collection. 

6.0 Collections and Returns

Collections take place between 15.30 – 17.00 pm on the day of commencement of hire unless by prior agreement an alternative time is agreed.

The vehicle must be returned by 4 pm on the final day of hire unless otherwise by prior agreement in writing.  

7.0 Availability 

Any bookings submitted through the website, remain requests for availability and are not confirmed until confirmation is received in writing. Barlow Trailers Ltd will make every effort that the booked motorhome is available but in the event of unforeseen circumstances an alternative will be found or all monies paid returned. 

7.0 Cancellations

Cancellations are at the discretion of Barlow Trailers Ltd.

8.0 Agreement 

No contract shall exist between you and Barlow Trailers for the hire of the motorhome and other services until we have received and accepted the booking request in writing. 

In the event of non use of the vehicle due to a problem that is agreed by ourselves to be caused by our negligence, any compensation that may be offered, is strictly limited to the amount of any unused hire fee. 

We will only consider compensation if we are immediately informed of any problem and are given the chance to rectify and or explain ‘how to’ 

We accept no liability for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other consequential loss claims arising from motorhome breakdown, accident or any other such related causes.