Trailer Towing Weights, Tachographs and Licences Etc

Trailer Weights, Tachographs, Licences etc

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to trailer towing weights. Some drivers seem to be getting into trouble, please read the Licensed to Tow leaflet produced by Ifor Williams Trailers.

It seems that no one seems to understand that they can tow trailers with a higher Gross Train Weight than their vehicle is allowed to tow. Its easy, if the towing car can tow , for example, 2800 kg that is what you can tow, if your trailer has a plated weight of 3500kg you can still tow the trailer providing your total weight (trailer and load) is 2800 kg or less. See this note from Vosa Trailer Towing Weight Information

Another useful leaflet provided by the Driver & Licencing Agency is Quick guide towing trailers(non-articulated). This provides information about whether you will need a tachograph or not, licences, weights trailer type and trailer cheks