Ifor Williams Head Partition Fitting Instructions For HB510 & HB505

This kit provides all that is required to add a head partition to your Ifor Williams HB505 or HB510 Horsebox trailer. (Fitting instructions are provided by Ifor Williams Trailers)

Download/view the pdf version of the fitting instructions

Tools required:

A pair of 10mm spanners (to pre assemble panel)


1. Head partition panel Qty: 1
2. Rubber tie (hard) Qty: 2
3. Rubber Tie (soft) Qty: 2
4. Fixing bolt Qty: 2
5. Washer Qty: 4
6. Dome nut Qty: 2
7. Retainer pin and ring Qty: 1

HB505 & HB510 Head Partition layout of components

Pre assemble the panel (we try to make sure we have already done this before dispatch):

1.Firstly identify all the parts and note how they fit onto the mesh panel, particularly the one pair of tis that are made from much softer material and that they are to be fitted only in the upper position.

2. Fix the ties using the nut, bolt and washer provided, in the sequence shown in Fig 2, noting that the bolt also passes through the pre-fitted washer location in the mesh panel and is to be tightened until it bottoms in the nut and locks

3. The fixing pin ring should be attached to the pin (item 7) if this has not already been done.

4. Locate the panel in position on the front partition leaf as shown in Fig 3. ensure that all three aluminium eye brackets are in line and fix using the retainer pin provided (item 7)

5. Pull the rubber ties taut and fix in pairs to the hooks on the front frame cross rails, the softer upper ties can be stretched considerably more that the lower ones to enable them to reach the hook.

HB505 & HB510 Head Partition fitting ties to mesh panel diagram

HB505 & HB510 Head Partition showing ties in place

HB505 & HB510 Head Partition showing in place in a HB505

The finished head partition in a hB505 horse trailer