Knott 8" Brakes

Knott 200 x 50 brake assemblies used since September 1992 on the following Ifor Williams trailer models BV4 & 5, CT115, CT136SA, & CT136, Eurolight Range, GD4 & GD5 Range, GD6 (165R13 Wheels), GH Range, GX84, GX85 & GX105, Horsebox range, LT range, LM85G, LM105G & LM125G. TA5G 8", 10" & 12", all Tri-Axle models. TB range with 10" wheels (195/55R10), TT2515 tipper, P6B, P7b P8b, Q6b, Q7b & Q8b trailers.

Please note Ifor Williams parts are intended to be fitted by qualified fitters at an Ifor Williams dealership and as such do not always come with fitting instructions. We at Barlow Trailers cannot be held responsible for anyone purchasing these parts and fitting them thenselves incorrectly.

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