• Ifor Williams Rear Brake Cable for Knott Brakes Post Sept 1992 P0145

Type 3 Brake Cable for Knott Brakes

22mm Tubular End Fitting, Inner 2200 Outer 1990

Used on Ifor Williams trailers manufactured AFTER September 1992 (to check these are correct for your trailer your wheel bolts should be bolted onto the drum & should NOT have wheel studs & nuts.)

This cable is suitable for the following Ifor Williams trailers. (Brake cables should ideally be changed in pairs i.e for both sides, either order 2 front cables or 2 rear cables) 

Corresponding front cables part code for each trailer is shown in the first column

Type Model Front Cable Rear Cable
Box Van BV126G P0142 P0145
Flatbed LM147G P0142 P0145
Flatbed LM167G P0142 P0145
Tiltbed CT166G P0142 P0145
General Duty GD126G P0142 P0145
Large Horsebox HB510XL P0142 P0145
Livestock TA510G 14’ P0142 P0145
Tipper TT105G P0142 P0145
Livestock TA510G 14’ TRI P0142 P0145
Plant GP146 P0143 P0145

Corresponding front & rear cables part codes for each trailer are shown in the first & second columns
Type Model Front Cable Middle Axle Rear Cable
Flatbed LM126G/TRI P0141 P0143 P0145
Flatbed LM146G/TRI P0141 P0143 P0145
Flatbed LM166G/TRI P0141 P0143 P0145

Please be aware that these are genuine Ifor Williams parts supplied to us directly from Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd and not cheap imitations

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Ifor Williams Rear Brake Cable for Knott Brakes Post Sept 1992 P0145

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