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Logic TGT400 Tipping Trailer (including tailgate and 22 x 11 - 8 flotation wheels)

Standard Features

  • Trailer body dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 800mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised body for durability
  • Quality timber floor for long life and ease of replacement
  • Robust tipping mechanism
  • Bead lock wheel rims for added safety
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch
  • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure
  • Body sides tapered for easy tipping
  • Tailgate doubles as loading ramp for wheel barrows etc.


  • Alloy treadplate floor
  • STT120 Wheel Guard - Bolt on deflector skids to guard wheels. (Priced each side) £25 + vat (£28.75)

What does this do?

This trailer is a versatile asset in any equestrian situation. The two features that immediately spring to mind are that it has high sides (it can therefore carry a large volume of material) and it has a tipping function (to get rid of the large volume of material in one easy action). Let's not beat around the bush - it's great for mucking out, and tipping the results onto the midden. (You can see a great set-up for all that in the web video clip). But it's also great as a general purpose trailer. Trailers are useful.

Why do I need one?

You may just use a wheelbarrow in the stables and around the yard. Having a trailer handy makes it easy to empty the barrow into the trailer, then when it's full you can take the trailer to the midden (which, as a result, can be sited in its ideal spot - not just within easy wheelbarrowing distance). Management of the yard then becomes quicker and easier - you're not limited as much by geography and proximity.

Where do I use it?

Yards, paddocks. Never leave any implements out after use where animals can come into contact with them - you can work out why!

How does it work?

The tailgate doubles as a loading ramp and the high sides give it a very useful capacity. When you get it to the place you need to tip, a simple catch releases the trailer body, which pivots easily. The sides of the trailer are slightly tapered for easy emptying. The construction of Logic trailers is legendary. All the bits just work (they are designed by people who know the end-use) and they last a very long time

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For further information about the Logic TGT400 Tipping Trailer visit the Logic website


Logic TGT 400 ATV Off Road Tipping Trailer / TGT400LG

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