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The New TT3017 (replaces the old TT105) 185/70R13C Wheels

The new TT3017 (10 x 5 6") tipping trailer is the metric equivalent of the old TT105 tipper trailer and offers the same volumetric capacity and is electrically operated tipper with a self contained 12v battery. The trailer also comes with a strengthened aluminium floor as standard.

Various options and accessories are available, however some may need to be ordered as a factory fit item, others can be purchased at a later date such as lashing rings, winches and mesh side kits.

N.B. Due to frequent requests from forestry and ground care users of tipper trailers to supply a solid side extension kit for use with chippers and carrying light small waste this accessory is now available to order

Further information and specifications can be found in the Ifor Williams Tipping Trailer Brochure & Price List

Ifor Williams Trailers Ifor Williams TT3017 Tipping Trailer with Electric Pump 185/70R13C / TG3830173524

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