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Ifor Williams Mini LED Indictor / Stop / Tail 12v/24v 2.0m Cable P1885-50

Fitted to the GH & LM range of trailers on the LED upgrade.

Please Note

Some vehicles present so far insoluble problems when coupled to a trailer with LED lights. This may take the form of of the hazard warning lights fl ashing continuously and there may be other problems too. Many other vehicles perform faultlessly when connected to LED equipped trailers. However, where such problems do occur, these are vehicle problems and Ifor Williams Trailers and therefore Barlow Trailers will not be responsible for their resolution. Owners are strongly advised to make thorough checks with the vehicle manufacturer before buying or specifying LED trailer lights.

Ifor Williams MINILED II DI/STOP/TAIL 12V/2424V 2.0M Open Ended Ca / P1885-20

Supplier: Ifor Williams
Product Code: P1885-20


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