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Fitted from January 1996.  Brake assembly 200 x 50 RH & LH - Bolt on type back plates pre-assembled with shoes, springs etc.

NB Please be aware that these are genuine Ifor Williams parts supplied to us directly from Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd and not cheap imitations. We are aware that there have been problems affecting the braking efficiency and auto reverse function on trailers fitted with copy brake parts.

Used from Jan 1996 on the following Ifor Williams trailer models:
BV4 & 5 range,
CT115, CT136SA, & CT136,
Eurolight Range,
GD4 & GD5 Range, GD6 (165R13 Wheels),
GH Range,
GX84, GX85 & GX105,
Horsebox trailer range,
LT range,
LM85G, LM105G & LM125G.
TA5G 8", 10" & 12"
All Tri-Axle models
TB range with 10" wheels (195/55R10)
TT2515 tipper
P6B, P7b P8b
Q6b, Q7b & Q8b trailers

Viiew or download the Brakes Section of the Ifor Williams Parts Catalogue

For trailers fitted from Sept 1992 - Jan 1994 P000120A brake assembly for 8" Knott brakes Sept 92 - Jan 1994 is required but is distributor supply and fit only. For trailers from Jan 1994 - Jan 1996 P000120B brake assembly for 8" knott brakes for trailers from Sept 94 - Jan 96 is required but is distributor supply and fit only.

Ifor Williams KNOTT 200x50 BOLT BRAKE ASY Bolt On Jan 96+ / P000140

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