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KFG35 Coupling Unit (Cast Body).

2700-3500Kg GVW Hydraulically damped overrun coupling unit, incorporating energy store handbrake for use with autoreverse brakes and 50mm ball hitch.

Used on the BV6 range, CT166, CT167, CT177, DP range, GH1054BT, GP 6 range, GX105HD, GX125HD, GX106, GX106N, GX126, HB510XL, HB610, LM105GHD, LM125GHD, LM106G, LM126G, LM146G/GB, LM166G/GB, TA5GHD, TA510G 10 ,12 & 14 , TT105G & TT126G

Ifor Williams KFG35 Coupling Unit (Cast Body) / P00340

Supplier: Ifor Williams
Product Code: P00340


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