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Ifor Williams Brake Shoe Set 200x50 -  8 inch (8") (1 Complete Axle set)

A full set comprising two fixed and two sliding brake shoes with pads, auto-reverse sliding shoe carrier and all springs required to complete the installation.

(This kit services one axle, for continued safety, brakes should always be changed as complete axle sets)

It is also a good advise to change brake cable at the same time, see page 35 of the Ifor Williams catalogue for reference

Brakes cables should be inspected every 5000 miles or 12 months, which ever comes first. Damaged or worn cables should be replaced immediately to preserve the life and effectiveness of the brake shoes and drums.

NB Please be aware that these are genuine Ifor Williams parts supplied to us directly from Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd and not cheap imitations. We are aware that there have been problems affecting the braking efficiency and auto reverse function on trailers fitted with copy break parts.

Used from September 1992 on the following Ifor Williams trailer models:
BV4 & 5 range,
CT115, CT136SA, & CT136
Eurolight Range
GD4 & GD5 Range, GD6 (165R13 Wheels)
GH Range
GX84, GX85 & GX105
Horsebox trailer range HB505 / HB510 / HB401 / HB403 / HB506 / HB510
LT range
LM85G, LM105G & LM125G
TA5G 8", 10" & 12"
All Tri-Axle models

View or download the Brakes Section of the Ifor Williams 2012 Parts Catalogue

Ifor Williams BRAKE SHOES KNOTT (AXLE SET) 200 x 50 / P000320

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