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Ifor Williams Brake Drum KS0756

From 20th September 1988 for 145R10, 155R13, 175R13 & 6.70x13 wheels

Note: HB505R 80637,38,39,40,41 from batch 427; all from batch 437 (P0003 seal)

Complete with 2 off bearings P0001 / P0002, oil seal P0004, bearing retaining washer C14679, axle end nut F1099S, grease cap C72253, 4 off wheel stud F1801, 5 off wheel nut F1811, spirol pin F1909S and split pin F1508.

Ifor Williams 2012 Parts Catalogue: Running Gear - Hubs and Bearings Section

Ifor Williams Brake Drum Older Models / KS0756

Supplier: Ifor Williams
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