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4t Ratchet Strap 8 metre length

  • Polyester webbing 5cm wide, will take up to
  • Ideal for securing heavier bulky loads that need to be anchored to the floor of a trailer or bed of a lorry
  • Use the ratchet to tighten the cargo strap with one hand in order to find the desired level of tension.
  • Push the handle up to easily release the cargo strap. 
  • The straps are 50mm wide, suitable for up to 4000kg and are available in both 4m, 6m, 8m and 10m lengths

Cargo Straps Ratchet Straps 5t X 8m Claw / S-005-4-8-4

Supplier: Cargo Straps
Product Code: S-005-4-8-4


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Product SKU: S-005-4-8-4

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