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Cargo Straps System 2000 Car Transporter Strap SYS2000 Pack 4

Polyester webbing with 4t capacity


  • Extra short ratchet handle can be tensioned up even under a vehicle. 

  • The short tail on the ratchet is only 150mm long instead of the conventional 300mm enabling the ratchet to be tensioned before it touches the vehicles tyre. 

  • Soft choker goes across the front of the rim with no metal fittings which could damage Aluminium wheels. 

  • Wear Sleeve protects Soft Choker and helps to form the loops at each end of the choker We recommend 4 sets of straps per vehicle

Cargo Straps Car Transporter Straps x 4 / SYS2000PK4

Supplier: Cargo Straps
Product Code: SYS2000PK4


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