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Bulldog 158mm Super Lock Bolt - suitable for SA6 Ram Barrier & MC100/MC100S Chains

Replacement lock bolt which is 158mm in overall length, complete with recessed cup

● Highly developed 10 pin radial tumbler lock insert.
● Lock bolt diameter 25.4mm (1 inch) case hardened to 60 rockwell hardness (746 VPN), crop, drill and saw resistant.
● Anti drill centre pin on radial pin tumbler lock.
● Drill resistant lock cover to prevent hollow core drilling of lock.
● 10mm diameter steel ball bearings operated by internal cam mechanism.
● Lock face design is resistant to attack by slide hammer (dent puller) devices.
● Bulldog Super Lock Bolt has been used in many applications of security products that have passed independent attack test including SCM Road Vehicle Research Institute, and Sold Secure.
● Resistant to attack by punches or drifts due to internal lock chamber design.
● Keys can only be removed in locked position, no possibility of accidental locking.
● 2 keys supplied with lock as standard. Multiple locks can be supplied with same key for fleet or multi user applications.

Bulldog Lock Bolt for SA6, MC100S 158mm / SA1

Supplier: Bulldog
Product Code: SA1


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