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Bulldog SA11 Eye Lock - Protects drawbar eyes of up to 35mm thick from unauthorised coupling.

Approvals: S.C.M and Insurance approved

Product Details:

  • The Bulldog Eye Lock is a simple yet highly effective method of preventing coupling of drawbar eyes.
  • Can be used with one of Bulldog s Chain Locks.
  • 10mm thick top and bottom plate, case hardened.
  • No padlock, uses Bulldog s highly developed Super Lock Bolt, 25.4mm diameter, case hardened body. Anti drill centre pin, 10 pin radial pin tumbler lock insert with over 1 million possible key combinations.
  • Easy to operate, only the lock bolt needs to be removed to unlock trailer.
  • Lock bolt can only be locked/unlocked using key, no accidental locking possible.
  • Dust cap provided to prevent ingress of dust and dirt into lock.
  • Finished in highly visible, yellow powder coating.
  • 2 keys supplied withlock as standard. Multiple locks can be supplied with same key for fleet or multi
    user applications.


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Bulldog Eye Lock / SA11

Supplier: Bulldog
Product Code: SA11


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