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Breckland LF160 Suitable for a 5 Bolt Wheel


Models available
Model LF140 for bolts/nuts at 5.5" ctrs.
Model LF160 for 5 bolt wheel

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Breckland Lockfast Wheel Lock Instructions

The Breckland Lockfast wheel lock is extremely easy and quick to fit. It's practical size enables it to be stowed away in a car or caravan for use at any time. Thus, the LOCK-FAST can sensibly provide security at all times, whether a vehicle is parked at home, en route, or away.

The unique design of the lock and lock installation on the BRECKLAND LOCK-FAST significantly enhance the overall level of security offered by the product. Locks used on the LOCK-FAST have 50,000 key combinations.


  • Original Heavy Duty Wheel Lock, offering high security.
  • Unique, High Security, drill resistant, Push Button Lock System. Two keys provided.
  • Simple and quick to fit. It can literally be fixed to a wheel in 3-4 seconds. Provides immediate security, any time a caravan or trailer is parked.
  • Precision Engineered
  • Moderate Weight of 3.5Kg.
  • Practical size for easy storage and use at any time. For example any temporary stop such as motorway services, when a caravan can be very vulnerable. Many traditional wheel clamps are simply too cumbersome to be used in this way.
  • Highly visual deterrent. Anti-corrosion pretreatment; Bright Yellow Epoxy Finish.
  • Recommended by Crime Prevention Officers.
  • Fits, amongst others, the Ifor Williams car trailers with 155/70 R12C wheel & tyres

Breckland Wheel Clamp for a 5 Bolt Wheel / LF160

Supplier: Breckland
Product Code: LF160


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