Articles from May 2016

The Not Forgotten Association Trek Iceland Challenge 2016 For Graeme Barlow
Graeme Barlow, one of the Directors of Barlow Trailers Ltd, will be acting as part of the support team for The Not Forgotten Association’s group of injured serving and ex-service men and women, many of whom will have recently sustained their injuries. The group will include single and double amputees, others who have sustained brain, sight and other injuries, as well as those suffering from PTSD and other mental health problems. This memorable 5 day challenge with 3 days trekking and overnight camping under the stars goes deep into Iceland where volcanoes and mountains tower overhead, glaci..
Technical Bulletin From Knott-Avonride For Replacement Brake Shoes
  TECHNICAL BULLETIN FROM KNOTT-AVONRIDE    Replacement Brake Shoes  It has come to our attention that "copy" brake shoes are being offered as replacements for Knott original brake shoes. Furthermore, false statements; for example; “made in the same factory as the Knott shoe” are used to promote the sale of these parts. We therefore wish to make you aware of the potential problems and possible pitfalls associated with using these parts.   The packaging might state that these shoes are approved in accordance with R90 (Regulation 90).  Primarily “Regulation 90” is a lining, packagi..
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