• Suregrow Fertiliser 20kg Bag

(Recommended 4 bags per acre)

Fertiliser designed specifically for horse and pony paddocks.

Consistent Growth: Suregrow avoids lush growth & associated health problems through content of slow release nutrients.
Enriched grass: Suregrow produces nutrients in the grass essential for the well being of horses.
Sustained growth: Suregrow lengthens the growing period of the grass providing more standing forage
Resilient roots: Suregrow stimulates root development & strength ensuring quick recovery of damaged areas of turf.
No upheaval:  Movement of stock during application not normally required.
Nitrogen balanced: Nitrogen balanced with phased release over the growth season to give steady growth.
When is the best time to apply Suregrow fertiliser?
Suregrow can be applied at anytime during the growing season from March until November
I have a one acre field, how many bags of Suregrow should I apply?
We recommend 4 bags per acre (80kg) during the spring and summer months and a further 3 bags in late season to thicken the sward for the winter.
What is the benefit of applying Suregrow in the autumn?
Applying Suregrow in late season will ensure a thicker sward over the winter months, resulting in less damage from poaching.
What is the best method of applying Suregrow?
For large areas ideally we would recommend applying with a tractor and fertiliser spreader, if you haven’t got machinery speak to a friendly farmer!! For smaller areas or if you don’t have access to agricultural machinery, Suregrow can be applied by hand or using a manual spreader available from garden centres.
What does Suregrow look like?
Suregrow comes in small pellets which are readily broken down when in the presence of moisture
How is Suregrow different from agricultural fertilisers?
Suregrow is specifically designed for horse and pony paddocks. Traditional agricultural fertilisers will cause the grass to grow very quickly, resulting in rich, lush pastures, not ideal for horses due to the risk of nutritional disorders. Suregrow is a slow release fertiliser which will steadily release nutrients over a three month period, ensuring a steady growth to thicken the sward.
Unlike agricultural fertiliser, Suregrow is made with a cereal based carrier, ensuring it is safe to use in horse paddocks
What is the analysis of Suregrow?
The analysis of Suregrow is:
 11% Nitrogen
22% Phosphate
18% Sulphur
How should I store Suregrow until I need to use it?
Suregrow must be stored under cover at all times until use
I have half a bag of Suregrow left from last year, will it still be ok to use now?
Yes, as long as the bag has been stored under cover away from moisture the fertiliser will be fine to use this year. There is no shelf life on Suregrow as fertiliser doesn’t degrade over time.
Why is potash not included in Suregrow?
For grazing grass potash is not required. Potash will only be required when using the field for hay/haylage to replace the nutrients lost.
How long should I keep my horses off the field once I have applied Suregrow?
Horses can be immediately turned out after the application of Suregrow. The formulation of Suregrow ensures it is safe for horses to graze.
Is Suregrow suitable for fields grazed by alpacas and sheep?
Yes, Suregrow can be safely applied to fields grazed by other livestock
How long after applying Suregrow should I see a difference in my grass?
This will depend on your grass and rain fall at the time of spreading, but you should see a difference in 3 to 4 weeks after application. Don’t forget Suregrow is a slow release product.
I’m looking to apply Suregrow to my field but rain isn’t forecast, should I still put apply?
Yes, ideally rain is required to help Suregrow dissolve into the roots system but unfortunately we can’t change the weather. However if rain isn’t forecast this will not be a problem, a heavy dew will help the pellets to dissolve or failing that the pellets can safely remain on the surface until it rains. Suregrow is better on the field than missing when the rain does come.
What size bags is Suregrow available in?
Suregrow is available in convenient 20kg bags so they are easy to handle
My field is very overgrazed and down to bare soil in places, will Suregrow help?
Yes, Suregrow will help to restart new growth and bring pasture back to grass. However to give the grass a chance to re-grow horses should be kept off the field for a few weeks.
Can I apply Suregrow to my hay fields?
Yes, Suregrow can be applied to hay fields, in this instance we would recommend using 6 bags per acre


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Suregrow Fertiliser 20kg Bag

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