Designed in the UK for commercial and domestic vehicles, RoadHawk manufacture a full range of high-quality dash cams that capture HD video, audio, GPS and G-Force information. This RoadHawk HD dash cam uses the most up to date components to give superior low light performance and ultra-high video quality not seen in other HD dash cams. This camera uses a 5hz GPS processor making it 5 times more accurate than other leading brands.

All RoadHawk Dash Cameras have a full 2yr Warranty included.

The RoadHawk HD Dash Camera has undergone strict testing and has gained TFL (Transport for London)  approval

Ultra - High Video Quality...

RoadHawk HD uses a high end 1080p video processor and very high quality CMOS sensor not found in other leading brands of forward facing cameras. This chipset is capable of 720p / 60 frames per second or 1080p 30 frames per second. Video files are standard MP4 and can be played full screen on any modern computer.

UK Designed Software...

Our new software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and OSX for MAC. You can also play the videos in Quicktime, VLC or Windows Media Player. The standard video files can be edited by just about any video editing software available today

Low Light Performance... 

We chose the best low light CMOS sensor on the market by Aptina. This sensor not only provides excellent colour reproduction and SHARP day time images but also unrivalled low light ability. Every sensor is time tested and guaranteed against dead pixels.

Small and unobtrusive design...

They designed the RoadHawk HD based on the feedback from customers from our previous cameras. Use the provided 3M adhesive pad to mount the camera behind your rear view mirror. Most drivers do not even see the camera from a normal driving position. Enough cable is provided to route the power to the camera around the screen and to the accessory socket.

RoadHawk HD cameras can also be easily wired directly to your car or vehicle using an optional hard wiring kit. Most customers say they can install the RoadHawk HD themselves out of the box in 10 to 15 mins.

SDXC Compatible with High Capacity SD Card...

Using the latest SDXC technology, the RoadHawk HD camera is compatible with the latest range of high capacity cards. Tested with 64gb and 128gb SDXC cards.(see below for compatible cards) Camera uses from 2gb to 6gb of data per hour depending on video quality settings.

Precision GPS engine...

RoadHawk HD Dash Cam uses a 5hz GPS module. Most cameras only use 1hz.  This makes the RoadHawk HD 5 x more accurate than its competitors. Faster GPS lock on times and much smoother positioning of the vehicle over Google Maps.

Digital Image Stabilisation...

RoadHawk HD is the first in car camera on the market fitted with full EIS (electronic image stabilisation) to give you the smoothest video even on the roughest of road surfaces. The 3 dimensional gyro provides G-Force data which will LOCK a video file if the camera detects an impact.

Lockable Solution...

In order to meet TFL (Transport for London) regulations they have designed an optional lockable cage for the RoadHawk HD camera. With the locking box in place, it is not possible to remove the SD card without a key. The lockable cage also means the power cable cannot be removed from the camera making it virtually tamper proof.

For vehicles that struggled with GPS reception – they added an external GPS antenna in to the box. You can use it for even faster lock-on times (usually less than 30 seconds from cold start) and for greater GPS accuracy. They know many of our customers will want to use this camera for track/racing purposes and so have built-in a mode which allows the camera to make larger files up to 30 minutes long and not overwrite them. This makes the RoadHawk HD a powerful track analysis driving aid. They even included an external microphone input for connecting higher quality recording equipment or for connecting to a radio communications device or intercom.

They understand that suction mounts are not always permitted on track and so the RoadHawk HD camera is supplied with an adhesive windscreen mount as well as a ¼” camera 

RoadHawk HD Dash Camera Review by Fleet Safety

The RoadHawk HD dash camera gets lots of great reviews. The guardian recently awarded it best in class for image quality.


  • 1 x RoadHawk HD 1080p Camera
  • 1 x 8gb Class 10 SD Card
  • 1 x External GPS Antenna (in most cases you will not need to use this antenna, it is for vehicles with heated front screens)
  • 1 x Accessory socket power cable
  • 1 x Adhesive windscreen mount
  • 1 x Adhesive Vertical Windscreen Mount
  • 1 x Software on CD-ROM (PC & MAC)
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Video: 1080p (30fps) or 720p (30 or 60fps)
  • Audio: Variable sensitivity internal mic – External mic input (3.5mm jack)
  • Encoding: H.264 .MP4 Files with embedded G-Force and GPS data
  • Bitrate: adjustable from 4Mbits to 12Mbits
  • Loop Mode: 1 Min files continuous loop with file locking
  • Normal Mode: Up to 30 min long files (no looping or file locking)
  • GPS: 5Hz GPS receiver with internal antenna
  • External GPS: Waterproof, magnetic external GPS antenna supplied
  • Power: 12v to 24v input – 5m Power cable supplied
  • EIS: Gyro controlled electronic image stabilisation
  • G-Force: 3D G-force Sensor installed (variable sensitivity)
  • Internal Power: 2 x Super capacitors to ensure safe camera shutdown
  • Memory: SD XC compatible (8Gb to 128Gb)
  • Sensor: High-End Aptina sensor with WDR
  • Lens: Wide angled 135 degree lens
  • Mounting: Standard RoadHawk Adhesive mounting ¼” Camera thread for suction/clamps mounts


  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and OSX 10.1 or better
  • Automatic SD card detection
  • Automatic Software updates
  • Automatic Camera Firmware updates
  • Video and Audio control
  • Speed display in MPH or KPH
  • Vehicle position on Google Maps
  • Vehicle G-Force display


  • Change camera resolution
  • Change camera frame rate
  • Change Time Zone
  • Change file length
  • Turn Loop Mode on/off
  • Change Bit Rate
  • Change Mic Sensitivity
  • Change camera Speaker Volume
  • Change camera Record Mode
  • Change G-Force Sensor sensitivity

Recommended brands of 64gb SD Cards
Kingston SD SDXC 64G class10
LX Series SDXC 64G class10
SanDisk SDXC I class10 30MB/s
Kingston SDXC I 233X class10
Lexar professional SDXC 133X speed class10
IF 3c SDXC class10
Choicee SDXC class10
pqi SDXC I Class10
Intergal ULTIMA Pro Class 10 45mb/s

RoadHawk HD dash camera Software Guide Video

This video guide takes you through all of the functions and features of the RoadHawk HD camera and playback software. The Software also includes the camera settings and we will show you what each one of those settings does in this short video.

View:   RoadHawk Fitting Guide

Download:   RoadHawk HD Manual
Download:   RoadHawk HD info sheet

DOWNLOAD:   RoadHawk HD Viewing Software (Windows)
DOWNLOAD:   RoadHawk HD Viewing Software (MAC)

For further information please visit the RoadHawk website


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