LBT100 Round Bale Carrier

Standard Features:

  • 600 kg capacity
  • Low ground pressure tyres (23 x 10.5 - 12)
  • 50mm swivel ball hitch
  • Bale winch
  • Tipping mechanism
  • Designed for one person to load, transport and tip round bales

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The LBT provides a quick and simple way for one person to load, transport and unload a single round bale from one location to another using any suitable vehicle to tow, but which is particularly effective when used with an ATV in situations where low ground pressure is a requirement. An LBT means that tractors or loaders no longer have to be deployed when moving small quantities of bales around and the unit can be towed behind any suitable vehicle.

All bale applications

Any estate that handles round bales will benefit from having a Logic Bale Trailer. Even when a full-sized loader is around, the LBT can still find a useful place. When just one bale needs to be transported (for example when feeding stock) and the ground is soft, the LBT comes into its own. The bale is quickly loaded by one operator using a simple strap and winch then the bale is easily towed to the desired location. Unloading is equally as easy and the bale is ready for use.

Product features

The LBT is a tipping trailer that makes use of a strap and winch system to load a single round bale. During transport, the bale is securely held on the trailer cradle. At the destination, the trailer is tipped under the control of the mechanism to unload the bale at the desired spot. The straps are then removed and the bale is ready for use. The trailer frame is strongly made and fully galvanised for long life and components benefit from Logic's legendary design and construction, ensuring that they are completely fit for purpose.

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Logic LBT 100 Round Bale Carrier Trailer

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