• CSM Mineral & Trace Element Nutrition

CSM Mineral & Trace Element Nutrition 20kg Bag.


  • Contains over 70 minerals and trace elements
  • Contains calcified seaweed
  • Improves grass quality, soil structure and root development
  • Stimulates root development and strength giving a denser sward
  • Improves the mineral and trace element content which will contribute to horse health
  • Is a totally natural product
  • Helps to reduce soil acidity
  • No need to remove horses during application
  • Can be applied all year round
  • Available in 20kg bags


Spring/Early Summer    2 bags/acre (40kgs)
Late Summer/Autumn   2 bags/acre (40kgs)
Can also be applied throughout the winter   2 bags/acre (40kgs)

Spread as evenly as possible. 

For further information visit Suregrow’s Suregrow's FAQ's page 

Fertiliser spreaders

We would recommend a tow ball drawn spreader or a 3 point linkage type (although the 3 point linkage type spreaders can only be used with a tractor). The tow ball types can fit onto any vehicle with a tow bar (Gator types, sit on lawn mower, quad bikes, car etc.). The hand push types are hard work and can give an uneven spread pattern on rutted ground.

If you're interested in purchasing a spreader to apply Suregrow Fertiliser or CSM we recommend:

'Logic ATV Products' Fertiliser Spreaders which we can supply if required

Why use CSM diagram?

What is CSM
CSM is a granular blend of Calcified Seaweed (from sustainable sources), Sun Dried Seasalt and a natural source of Magnesium. This gives a formulation which is high in Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium and Chloride and contains over 70 minerals and trace elements.

What are the benefits of using CSM
CSM provides a wide range of minerals and trace elements which maximise the utilisation of Nitrogen,
Phosphate, Potash and Sulphur. CSM encourages root development, improves the eating quality of grass and acts as a soil conditioner which results in a denser more vibrant turf.

Calcified Seaweed
During the 1980s and 1990s Calcified Seaweed was used extensively by grassland farmers and it transformed the nutrient status of the grass and soil. There are many testimonials that no single product has ever had such a beneficial effect on pasture growth and livestock health.

Calcified seaweed is a rich source of Calcium and Magnesium and contains over 70 minerals and trace elements. The Calcified Seaweed in CSM is in a granular form which maintains the inherent honeycombed structure. This is an ideal habitat for soil bacteria to colonise which in turn breaks down the Calcified Seaweed granules slowly releasing the minerals and trace elements.

Benefits of the minerals in CSM:


  • Helps grass growth
  • Promotes and protects plant cell integrity
  • Neutralises plant cell acidity improving the palatability of the grass


  • Activates protein synthesis (grass growth)
  • Supports the absorption of Phosphate
  • Increased levels of Magnesium in the grass can have a calming effect on the horse


  • Reduces the Potassium imbalance in growing grass 
  • Improves the palatability of grass


  • Supports the transportation of nutrients in the plant
  • Improves enzyme activity
  • Assists photosynthesis (building up carbohydrate)

 Trace Elements
Calcified Seaweed is rich in Iron, Manganese, Cobalt, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Molybdenum and these coupled with the other trace elements and major minerals in CSM combine to promote healthy, quality grass and improved soil structure. This overall is known as the ''Viets effect''

Spreading CSM

CSM is a similar density to a normal blend fertiliser and therefore the same spreader settings should be used.

Using CSM
We recommend the continuous use of CSM ideally twice per year in late Spring and again in early Autumn, this will ensure a continuous supply of minerals and trace elements.

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CSM Mineral & Trace Element Nutrition

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