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 Trailer Insurance Quote


Newly Appointed Dealers for Equi-Trek Horseboxes

We are pleased to announce we are now official dealers for Equi-Trek Horseboxes whose range start ..
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Posted: 21/02/2015
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KFG27 Knott Couplings

KFG27 Knott Couplings

Ifor Williams Trailers KFG27 Knott Couplings

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Ifor Williams KFG Coupling Unit (Cast Body) P00335
94+3, GH94BT, GX84, GX85, GX105, HB505, HB510, LM85G, LM105G, LM125G, LT range (pre April 2008), TA5..
Ex Tax: £230.00
Ifor Williams Spring Pack Assembly P00901
Ifor Williams Spring Pack Assembly for older KFG27 couplings ..
Ex Tax: £48.00
Ifor Williams KFG Coupling Unit (Cast Body) P00335-120
KFG27 Coupling Unit. 120mm bolt spacing. Fitted to the HB506, HB511 and LT range from April 2008 onw..
Ex Tax: £230.00
Ifor Williams Knott Coupling Head P00301
Coupling head. Replacement low profile 50mm coupling head for the KF13 coupling. Includes the lock..
Ex Tax: £65.00
Ifor Williams Avonride Barrel Lock Insert P00302
Lock insert. Replacement lock for all Avonride coupling heads We require the serial number o..
Ex Tax: £17.00
Ifor Williams 40mm Eye Kit P00339
40mm Eye. Eye kit includes all mounting hardware to fit KFG27 overrun unit...
Ex Tax: £62.50
Ifor Williams Cover Cap for Coupling Lock P00303
Cover cap. Protects the Avonride coupling head lock from ingress of dust and water. KF13 coupling...
Ex Tax: £2.25
Ifor Williams Bellows P00369
Bellows. Replacement protective bellows. PLEASE NOTE THESE BELLOWS KITS NO LONGER HAVE THE MOULD..
Ex Tax: £7.30
Ifor Williams Bellows P00417
Bellows. Replacement protective bellows for drawtube of KFG27 overrun unit (Cast body). PLEASE N..
Ex Tax: £7.30
Ifor Williams Damper P00374
Damper P00374 Replacement hydraulic damper for KFG27 Knott-Avonride coupling hitchs wh..
Ex Tax: £40.20
Ifor Williams Damper Support Bracket P00878
Damper support bracket. Fits within body of coupling...
Ex Tax: £14.50
Ifor Williams Grease Nipple Adaptor P00882
Grease nipple adaptor. Bolt that is fitted through handle...
Ex Tax: £4.00
Ifor Williams Drawtube P00408
Drawtube. 50 x 10 DIN2391...
Ex Tax: £44.50
Ifor Williams Hand Brake Assembly KFG Low Type P00869
Hand Brake Assembly KFG Low Type ..
Ex Tax: £31.00
Ifor Williams Oil damped Spring Pack Knott P00868
Oil damped Spring Pack Knott. ..
Ex Tax: £34.00
Ifor Williams Short JockeyWheel  Clamp Handle P00363
Clamp handle. Short jockey clamp handle for Knott couplings. ..
Ex Tax: £4.80
Ifor Williams Spring Pack Mount Plate P00867
Spring Pack Mount Plate..
Ex Tax: £11.00
Ifor Williams Overrun lever P00413
Overrun lever. Fitted to the rear of the coupling unit, this lever creates the pull on the brake r..
Ex Tax: £17.00
Ifor Williams Retainer Pad P00399
Retainer pad. Fits within the recess in the overrun unit to securely clamp the jockey wheel...
Ex Tax: £5.55
Ifor Williams Breakaway Cable Clevis Type P00899
For more recent Knott couplings having this type of cable fitted originally. It is recommended tha..
Ex Tax: £6.40
Ifor Williams Breakaway Cable Spring Ring Type P00387
It is recommended that you carry a spare breakaway cable whenever you tow. ..
Ex Tax: £6.40
Ifor Williams Manual Reverse Kit P00915
Manual reverse kit. While the basic reversing function remains automatic, this kit allows easier r..
Ex Tax: £26.50
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